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Dating article:Dress to Impress on Them

How should a man dress to impress? First, always wear clothes that correspond to the occasion. Second, always wear a well put-together outfit.

If you have trouble deciding on what to wear, it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed. You wouldn't want to show up in casual wear for dinner at an expensive restaurant with a woman dressed to kill. A man should always be dressed to meet the occasion or situation. No matter where you are going with a woman, you should always be wearing clean, well-kept clothes. Believe it or not, women prefer clothes that are well-kept and clean to clothes that are worn out or dirty! That may seem obvious to you, but it is important to remember. By taking care of how you look, and by showing some style, you show women that you really care about your presentation - and women notice!

Always... Look Your Best! You should always take the time to look your best whenever you go out. You never know when you may have the opportunity to meet a stunning, beautiful woman - the grocery store, Laundromat, or coffee shop. Be sure to pay attention to the whole outfit. It's worth the extra money to buy your self some nice clothes to wear out. And don't forget about the shoes or boots, a new belt and a nice watch. Accessories do make a huge difference. If you wear a well put-together outfit you will look sharp and portray more confidence.

The way you dress actually will change how you behave. Think about it- if you wore a clown costume all day, you would feel silly and goofy. So if you want to have more sex appeal, wear something that makes you feel sexy. Women will respond to the image you project. Figure out what image you portray now and then make the necessary changes in your wardrobe to attain your desired image. Whatever image you want to give women be sure to act the part. You should consider all behavior that attributes to your overall personal image - physical gestures, eye contact. Use your clothes to emphasize your desired image.

With all my experience, and from talking with other guys, a successful look to maintain is to wear a pair of nice pressed or ironed pants and a sport shirt. Add to these basics a trendy blazer, leather jacket or simple sport coat. Wear some good-quality stylish leather shoes or boots (match your leather jacket if you wear one!) and be sure to always keep your shoes polished.

Be sure to show good taste. The whole outfit can be relaxed, trendy, conventional, or professional, but any route you take you must look sharp.
Try to stay away from wearing a tie. You want to stay loose and approachable - not uptight or snobby looking. A simple well put-together outfit is best. You'll be more successful with women than you've ever imagined if you wear a clean, classic, well put-together outfit that exudes style and self-pride.

Refine Your Looks Women notice every little thing about a man's grooming. Every time they see a guy they go through a mental checklist. Is his hair washed and styled?
Are his fingernails clean or manicured? Are his shoes polished? Clothes clean? Is he bathed? Does he smell good? These things really matter to women! Clean and neat counts! Find a grooming regime that works for you and stay polished!

Always, I repeat ALWAYS, shower and shave and use deodorant before going out to meet a woman. You might think the smell of your sweat is manly and sexy, but most women would strongly disagree! Hold off on sharing your rugged body odor until you're hot and heavy in bed. If you are going out specifically to meet new women or for a date, be sure to take some extra time getting ready. Show women that you care about your appearance.

Make sure your hair is done properly and your nails are filed and cleaned. Brush your teeth and use cologne - not too much though, as women generally have a better sense of smell than men. Take pride in how you look, and you instantly improve your chances of success!

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